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Griffin Pope


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My Jobs

Research Assistant

Boston 45 - 55 Contract

Job Responsibilities: Assist in the design and implementation of research studies under the guidance of senior researchers. Collect and analyz...

QA Associate

Indianapolis $65K-$80K Contract

Job Responsibilities: Administer the site's change control process, managing the electronic change control system, and overseeing the chan...

Inventory Specialist

Indianapolis 0 - 0 Contract

Job Responsibilities: Receive and inspect incoming shipments of materials and supplies, ensuring accuracy and quality. Maintain accurate inven...

QA Specialist

Lafayette $75,000-$100,000 Contract

Job Responsibilities: Promote cross-functional interactions to achieve quality outputs and to improve the CRMS Provide vision...

Packaging Associate

Seymour $17.50-$21 p/h Contract

Job Responsibilities: Ensures the accuracy of bottles and other packaging items. All packers are capable of performing duties o...