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CDMOs -The Gateway to a Career in Big Pharma

Most biology and chemistry students aspire to work at well known, multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations once they graduate. An excellent ambition to pursue. Yet, how exactly do you land a role at the likes of Pfizer, GSK or Johnson & Johnson? That’s where CDMOs come in.

What is a CDMO?

CDMO stands for Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization and they are a key resource to pharmaceutical companies across the globe. When a pharmaceutical company establishes the formula for a new drug, they will enlist the help of a CDMO to navigate the highly regulated drug development framework required by the FDA and scale production to meet demand. Having a CDMO partner can be a great resource with plenty of benefits for pharmaceutical companies to focus their efforts and resources on initiatives that move their company forward.

CDMOs are an excellent place to start your career:

  • It’s where the jobs are
    As the market changes and pharmaceutical companies outsource R&D and manufacturing, opportunities in this space become limited. This presents CDMOs as a great option for recent graduates.

    CDMOs are always looking to support their workforce with the best talent. Educated graduates who are ready to kick on with their career end up working on the next big biotech or pharma projects at the CDMOs they join.

  • Training and Development
    Working at a CDMO allows you to participate in various projects, collaborate with people with different skill sets between different departments. To attract graduates, they often offer strong development programs with both internal and external training.

Becoming a well-rounded BioTech expert starts at the CDMO. Learning multiple products, processes, and job functions gives you the tools and experiences that are most desirable to the top BioTech organizations. Time is ticking and there is no better time than now to start your career. The sooner you get your foot in the door at a CDMO, the sooner you will get the dream job you always desired.

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12th October